Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business

These tips are designed to help you better organize and structure your Twitter strategy to get noticed.

1. Create a Conversation List. Who you follow defines your Twitter experience. A conversation list helps to organize people based on why you started following them in the first place. Make private lists of who inspires you in business, who inspires you in life, who has great tips for crowdsourced innovation. You can keep your lists private or go public with them.

2. Update your profile picture. This little square associates your business with an image in the minds of followers, so be mindful of its look, and follow these sub-rules:
• Make sure your logo fits the square. Obviously cropped or distorted ones look unprofessional. For PC users, the free tool Irfanview enables you to crop and resize photos in a snap. Mac users should try EasyCrop or GraphicConverter (our personal favorite)—both paid services, but relatively inexpensive. Free browser-based tools like Pic Resize will also let you crop or resize online.
• Ensure your logo is readable. Don’t use the space if the words in your logo can’t be read.
• Consider using a headshot. It’s easier to connect with faces than with logos. Or you can make like Uber Paris and use both a face and a logo in a creative way that matches your company’s spirit!
• If you use a photo, focus on the face. There isn’t room in a Twitter photo for whole-body shots on the beach.
• No animals or kids! We’re trying to connect with you, not your favorite things.

3. Rethink your visual branding. Create a custom graphic for your Twitter background to freshen things. Here are examples of Twitter backgrounds, and instructions for creating one.

4. Use Twitter to solve business challenges. Offer Twitter specials, reward retweeters, organize Tweetups in order to rally troops around your brand and motivate them to listen when you throw serious questions out there about your product or service. Better yet, put the product in their hands at the Tweetup!

The Point: Don’t tweet into a void. Organize your Twitter presence with greater purpose, and you’ll find a panoply of ways to make it work for you.

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