4 (Four) Tips for the Perfect PPC Landing Page

Five years ago, Joel Chudleigh’s team managed to boost a client’s online conversion rate by 11% over a six-week period.

“After seeing those results it is fair to say that I have been interested to the point of obsession in how much difference the right layout, the right copy, and the right design can make to a website’s performance,” he writes at Deep Footprints.
He offers this advice for creating the perfect PPC landing page:

Understand your audience’s needs. Your landing page shouldn’t try to be all things to all people. Why is someone clicking on an ad? Your landing page should respond to that, and only that.

Be very specific. You have—at most—five seconds to make your case. So don’t lose a visitor’s interest with vague language about unspecified savings. Instead, intrigue her with a concrete reason to learn more: Save two hours per week, $500 per month.

Provide a credible reason to work with you. Why should someone choose you over a competitor who sells a similar product or service? Establish social proof with testimonials, case studies, and a list of impressive clients.

Create pleasing copy and design that complement each other. “We make snap judgments based on the way things look,” notes Chudleigh. “I have walked out of plenty of restaurants after taking a look around and just getting a bad vibe about the place before I am actually presented with any food.” Always remember that visitors will judge your landing page just as severely.

The Point: Make it a happy landing. Your ad has done its job; now it’s time for your landing page to urge a visitor onward.

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